Juan Ripolles

Juan Ripolles


Juan Ripollés was born in 1932 in Castellón (Spain).

After a challenging childhood, he moved to Paris as a young man, where he discovered an entirely new world of creativity. During the day, Juan Ripollés worked as a painter and decorator, earning his livelihood. In his free time, he dedicated himself to painting, and he quickly found a gallery owner for his first exhibition in Paris. Another Spanish artist at this Parisian gallery was none other than Pablo Picasso.

Countless exhibitions and participations in art fairs have marked his path thus far.

Juan Ripollés’ works, whether sculptures, canvas works, or paper works, all bear his unmistakable signature and are part of large collections at home and abroad. His large-scale sculptures can also be found in public spaces, such as in Valencia, Castellón, Madrid, Seville, Venice, and more.

Catalogs/publications are available.

Art Fairs & Exhibitions

    Kaarst/Düsseldorf, Ulm, Cologne, Bremen, Munich, Dortmund
    Paris, Sant Tropez
    Mexico City
    Amsterdam, Maastricht
    Lausanne, Geneva, Zurich
    Alicante, Castellón, Granada, Seville, Valencia, Madrid, Marbella, Barcelona
  • USA
    New York, Miami, Chicago
  • and more…

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